5 Big Ways How Marketers Accidentally Kill their Mobile Marketing Campaigns

There are tons of articles on the internet on how to boost your marketing efforts. They offer some great advice but is it always useful? If you are doing what the online gurus suggest and still not seeing the kind of results you want, this post is for you.

In this post, we will work through the steps to killing your mobile marketing campaign. Are you guilty of any of these?

Marketers Using Mobile

Check it out and see for yourself.

Unintentional Spam

You hate spam, we hate spam, and your prospects hate spam. That’s why you would never be guilty of spamming your clients. But, hang on a second, are you sure you have never unintentionally spammed them?

A Realistic Marketing Scenario

You run a coffee shop. You have the telephone numbers and email addresses of all your regulars. You decide to give away a free muffin when someone buys your latest coffee creation. You are excited about the promotion, so you choose mobile marketing.

As the shop owner, you:

  • Send out text messages (SMS’s) to all your clients.
  • Send an email to everyone.
  • Create a push notification on your app.
  • Use Bluetooth proximity marketing to send out messages as well.

Here’s the thing – your regulars have probably downloaded your app and have come into the store. You also have their phone numbers and email addresses. That means that this morning when your promotion ran, they got four different marketing messages about the same promotion.

It is technically not spam because the message was broadcast across different platforms.

Will the person receiving the four messages look at it the same way, though?

A Better Idea

Mobile Marketing Share

A better idea would be to test out the campaigns on the different platforms separately. That way you can see which you get the best response to.

So, in Week 1, try the SMS’s. In Week 2, try the emails, and so on.

Once you know which options work best, you can consider combining two of them. Maybe an email campaign and Bluetooth campaign, for example.

Slow Load Times

This is the kiss of death to even the best marketing campaigns. If your client opens up an email and the text doesn’t load within seconds, she is going to ignore it. People do not have the patience to wait around for you to get your act together.

Any ads that you create should be optimized with mobile users in mind. The larger the file size, the longer it will take to download. Keep it simple and check potential load times before you send your message out.

Counting Pennies When It Comes To Your App

Businesses need to be able to run lean in order to make a decent profit. Penny pinching when it comes to app development, however, will cost you a lot of business in the long term. Apps that are glitchy, underwhelming, or that are plain boring, hurt your company’s image rather than enhance it.

Going with the cheapest designer is bound to result in an app that is mediocre at best. If you cannot afford to spend some decent money here, rather forget about developing an app for now.

If you want a better idea of how much you can expect to pay, App Geeks have compiled a list of great app designers.

Check them out, and then you will have a better idea of what kind of budget you should set aside.

Messages Too Long

When you receive a marketing SMS or email, how much of it do you read? That will depend on two things – how interesting you find it and how long the message is. So many companies make the mistake of crafting messages that are just too long.

How do you know you are to blame? For a start, if your SMS messages have to be delivered over two different SMS’s. That just looks tacky and is completely unnecessary. You can go a little longer on an email, but you have to convince people to read the whole thing.

Keep it short and hook them from the first line. That way you get the best possible results.

Wrong Communication Method Chosen

There are many different ways to reach out to someone via mobile device. Choosing the right method for your target audience is crucial. What methods suit your business best? Which are likely to elicit the best results?

For example, Bluetooth marketing could be effective for a coffee shop. Would it be as effective for a funeral parlour?

Bluetooth Mobile Marketing

It’s an extreme example, but you get the idea.

Okay, so fess up – how many of these things have you done? Don’t stress about it too much – now that you know what can go wrong, you have a better chance of getting your mobile marketing right.

For more on how businesses are taking advantage of mobile marketing, read the infographic from AppGeeks

Mobile Marketers for Business

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