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Creative Brief for Video, Templates for Download

Planning any video requires following structured steps guided by a document called the creative brief.

A creative brief is a questionnaire a team uses to answer very specific questions about the message, ideas, budget, and goals for production. Professional organizations, businesses, and video producers all rely on this one document to ensure confidence in their actions. The questions and answers provided on this simple document ensure that everyone – from client to the director to end viewer – is quite literally on the same page.

Common industries that use this tool include advertising, design, copywriting and of course, video production. But because video production requires money, time, and human effort, all finite resources, non-profit NGOs and educational institutions rely heavily on the use of creative briefs too. Stated simply, to achieve success, the foundation of any creative media project with a deadline relies on the creative brief.

Why Do I Need to Use a Creative Brief

Video Production Creative Brief, Templates and Examples

Rest assured, creative briefs aren’t just for full-time professionals. Students, novice,s and hobbyists will benefit just as much if not more by using a creative brief. And like a pencil, just because it’s simple in design it doesn’t set a limit to the flexibility and power it provides for its user. When completed, the creative brief acts as a blueprint for the project as it is continually reviewed throughout production.

The Power of the Creative Brief

Creative briefs do two things really well: 1) they provide a framework and starting point for everyone involved to begin working from, and 2) creative briefs inspire all members of a creative team to come up with clever ways to reach the end goal.

Essentially, the three big questions the brief is attempting to discover are ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘how’. Who is the target audience, what is the message, and how is the message going to change their behavior. The questions are always left open-ended (not simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions) so that the stakeholders can explain, in their words, what their assumptions and goals are, and what the proposed behavior should be as the end goal.

Which Creative Brief is For You? Persuading vs. Informing

If you are doing a promotional video or an educational video, there is a separate Creative Brief for you. Confused as to which to choose? If you are looking to persuade, choose the Promotional Video Creative Brief. If you are looking to inform and educate as main goals, choose the Educational Video Creative Brief:

Download For Promotional Videos: Download For Educational Videos:
Video Production Creative Brief, Templates and Examples Video Production Creative Brief, Templates and Examples

Click above to download and print off the creative brief that best applies best to your needs.

If you are working with a client and it’s their funding that will guide the project, begin with this person. Either have them fill out the answers and then review with them, or sit with them and work through it. Once the brief is completed, bring your team leads together and consult. Is it feasible? Is the goal aligned with the message? Is the timeline too conservative?

Consult with your other stakeholders, from the project director to the camera operator and editor, and make sure the goals are feasible and appropriate. Meet with the client or project lead, and review and alter the brief until it’s clear and everyone on board gives it a go. Then, you may begin your project!

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