Use a Teleprompter: Speaking on Screen Confidence

Speak on Screen with Confidence: How to Use Teleprompter in Video Making

Teleprompter’s allow for magic on screen – how else can an average person speak with such uninterrupted confidence while staring at the camera for long periods of time?

Teleprompter's allow for magic on screen – how else can an average person speak with such uninterrupted confidence while staring at the camera for long periods of time?

A teleprompter is a device that allows the presenter to read from a script while looking directly into the camera lens. It consists of two parts: A glass screen on which the text or graphics are displayed, and an angled mirror that reflects this display back at the presenter. The most practical use for these devices is in television studios where they are used extensively.

So how can I use a teleprompter, you ask?

Schematic representation: (1) Video camera; (2) Shroud; (3) Video monitor; (4) Clear glass or beam splitter; (5) Image from subject; (6) Image from video monitor
Schematic representation: (1) Video camera; (2) Shroud; (3) Video monitor; (4) Clear glass or beam splitter; (5) Image from subject; (6) Image from video monitor

If you're doing video marketing, it's important to be able to create different types of videos depending on what your audience wants. For example, if someone wants more information than just pictures about your product or service, then using a teleprompter would be great!

This way, you can deliver long speeches without reading off of paper or even memorizing them. Teleprompters are usually used in news broadcasts but have recently become more popular with vloggers and influencers who want to be able to hit publish on video content quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Using a Teleprompter in Video Making

Vloggers, influencers, and marketers know the importance of presenting a polished video with professional graphics. It's important to make sure that you're giving your viewers something they want to watch. But how do you keep everything in sync when there are so many moving parts? One way is by using a teleprompter!

A teleprompter helps you stay on track and ensures that all of your words come out smoothly and easily. A teleprompter can help with eye contact too because you are reading your lines rather than thinking of them on the fly – this makes it easier to stay focused on your audience at all times! You have more time to think about how you want to word things which leads to greater flexibility when speaking extemporaneously.

1) Teleprompters are more accurate than memorizing your lines

Young beautiful Asian woman professional beauty vlogger or blogger recording makeup tutorial to share on social media

Using a teleprompter allows you to worry less about your performance or speech content and gives you more time to focus on other factors such as posture and movement. This tool handed you an invisible script that does not require you to look down on a piece of paper rather stare directly at the camera without the awkward lagging. Since the text from the teleprompter moves slowly, you also get to practice and evaluate your pace while delivering a message.

2) Your non-verbal language improves

The fact that you have to worry less about your verbal language gives you more time to prepare how to do eye contact. You also get to train yourself how to move in front of a camera. Furthermore, it’s just proper to take note of your facial expressions when on screen. With the help of the teleprompter, you get to focus on the other factors that can affect your speech.

3) Emotion and Feelings are more recognizable and highlighted

Once you get used to reading from a teleprompter, your clarity will improve. Thus, the emotion you are trying to convey also follows and becomes clearer. From this result, you also help the audience to stay with you until you finish your point. Teleprompters aid you to be more reachable to the audience you are talking to. Thus, making your message transcend from screens even if it’s not a live show or event.

4) You can use a teleprompter for live events, like speeches or interviews

Teleprompters used to be maximized by the people in the media. However, it has migrated to YouTubers, influencers, online job interviews, and the likes. This proves how helpful and easy to learn this tool is.

Closeup front view of an early 50’s company executive having a public addressing in a board room. She’s talking about recovery strategy after coronavirus economy collapse.

Teleprompters can be used in different types of speeches and platforms. Your teleprompter is not only your guide to public speaking but it also makes up the majority of your speech. When you see TED Talk speakers, they are able to take in the energy of the people inside a huge auditorium without losing focus on what they are trying to convey. It shows how efficient this tool is. More than this, the teleprompter is now adopted in different industries and individuals to make their life a lot simpler.

Autocue in a TV studio

The teleprompter also helps teachers during the online education that is implemented due to the pandemic. Teachers are advised to record their lectures and what better way to do it than by preparing a script or outline that you can read while doing lectures. More than this, since videos from the internet mostly have subtitles, your script from the teleprompter doubles as your script when inserting subtitles in your final video.

Furthermore, your preparation for recording yourself lessens the time since you cease to memorize the script which can allow you to connect to your viewers even more. In conclusion, the teleprompter does not only help the people working in front of cameras and leaders giving speeches. It strives to reach out to other individuals to face their fear of public speaking with this easy-to-use aid.

Have fun with it, and let us know how you plan to use a Teleprompter on your next project!

Veronica Fortuna

Veronica Fortuna is a content writer and PR outreach specialist at She also self-published a poetry collection entitled Wait in Hope.

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  • You made a great point when you said that a teleprompter can help you out with maintaining eye contact with your viewers. This means that you can focus more on your actions while speaking and make for an overall more engaging video. My father is planning on starting his own car dealership and starring in the advertisements for it. It’ll be important he does his best to deliver his lines, so finding a teleprompter operator for filming the ad will be crucial and I’ll have to make sure I find a good one for him.

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