iPhone Video Hero, Jules Watkins

How to Create Business Videos with an iPhone

Welcome! It’s exciting to get a chance to get you on as a featured video marketing expert! What initially compelled you to become a leading force in the arena of marketing using video and iPhones?
JULES WATKINS / IPHONE VIDEO HERO: Having spent over 10 years as TV Producer/Director and Shooter I was tired lugging several boxes of kit everywhere. Big, heavy cameras.

So when it came to quick home videos with my kids I originally fell in love with the Flip camera due to it’s size and simplicity. When the  Flip was axed (RIP) I was looking at other options and I have always loved Apple products.

Jules Watkins, iPhone Video Hero
Jules Watkins, iPhone Video Hero

The improved iPhone Video camera was a perfect solution, plus it has apps and is a connected device.

Perfect for Online Video.

This new passion for my iPhone coincided with me wanting to escape the craziness of working in TV and build an online business.

I noticed business owners and entrepreneurs asking a lot about the iPhone for video so I decided to create a training product.

The rest is history!

Why video? It’s been around for a long time in various mediums already – why is it suddenly important now?
IPHONE VIDEO HERO: Because your customers love it.

Internet users watch video by the bucket load and in general they engage with it more than say text. Personally I found myself not watching TV even though I used to make it! Instead I am on YouTube on my Mac or iPad, or iPhone watching videos like half of the world is.

Video is the future of the Web, although plenty of writers would disagree no doubt.

iPhone Video Hero, Jules Watkins
iPhone Video Hero, Jules Watkins

Businesses have a chance to get on the “video bandwagon” now – what are the big opportunities?
IPHONE VIDEO HERO:  Even though we are in the video age there are still loads of businesses not using it at all or not using it well. So we are early doors and you can get a foothold in your own niche by being first and putting out memorable content. You can still get ranked for important keywords that are relevant to your business and grab some territory on google search with your videos. Also you can without a big budget experiment and work towards creating a house style. With some creative thinking you have a chance to get attention from big media outlets and blogs without a big ad spend.

Where should a businesses person unfamiliar with video get started?
IPHONE VIDEO HERO: Start with the camera you own, whatever it is.

You don’t even need to publish your first videos. People are too precious about organizing everything and getting bogged down in meetings about video. Pick the one video you think you really need and have a go at it.

Show it to others, get feedback and tweak it.

YouTube Video Marketing on iPhone

If you can’t edit then just hire someone on a job site like UpWork.

if you think it’s working but want it to look glossier then you may want to hire a pro. At least you have something to show them as a template.

If the DIY look is working, and often it works great on blogs and for informal youtube ‘behind the scenes’ videos then keep at it and get your videos out there!

Is it rational for ‘newbies’ to intimidated with the idea of learning how to produce basic video?
IPHONE VIDEO HERO: Yes it is, but I know that 30% of the people reading this have the talent to excellent Video creators and another 30% to be good one’s.

In TV I used to train all kinds of graduates who had landed a starter job in TV. Most had no video training but were specialized in other areas like languages, or finance or history. I saw many develop into excellent Shooters and Directors.

They just needed to get some training and bring out the natural ability they already had.

What are the most common fears that you typically see first-timers getting caught up on?
IPHONE VIDEO HERO: Their biggest fears are how they look on camera, if people will think their videos suck and editing videos.

Video Marketer Professional Business Woman

Jaeny Baik, a video coach, shares great tips on how to get comfortable on camera.

How can a beginner learn to overcome these problems?
IPHONE VIDEO HERO: For fear of camera, believe your mission and product outweighs what people think about you.

You are there to help and they want to be helped. Regarding what people think, you can show them to a small target audience first before publishing to get reaction. You’ll never please everyone, but most people are eager to learn, buy and benefit from your services so won’t be as critical as you may think.

If editing scares you just hire a freelancer to edit for you, either in house or you can dropbox an editor your footage.

Why does video work to gets buyers to make purchases or take the first step to making the purchase?
IPHONE VIDEO HERO: It's simple: Video attacks the senses, both vision and audio.

Video creates an emotional response.

Guy with iPhone with Online Consumer Video

Is it proven that video is good investment and will pay off? How?
IPHONE VIDEO HERO: You can only prove it if you track your business before video and then after video.

Tracking is everything.

What are the top tips you have for a newbie starting out to create their very own video with an iPhone?
IPHONE VIDEO HERO: My top tips are: Have a clear idea of what the point of your video is before you even pick up your iPhone and have a clear goal and call to action.

Technically speaking, keep it steady, use a microphone and pick a place with soft lighting or invest in a low cost softbox.

What video gear do you recommend for a beginner?
IPHONE VIDEO HERO: You can start with an iPhone or iPad (personally I like the iPad Mini) a tripod case, lightweight tripod and ideally a lapel mic (with a suitable adaptor)!

Yes, all this will all work with the iPhone!

iPhone Video Creator Accessories Guide

Also, check out the iPhone Video Creator's Accessories Guide or the Top 10 Must-Have Video DSLR Accessories – both list great equipment options!

Where can a reader go to try out/learn more about your product/service!
IPHONE VIDEO HERO: You can watch my video and see what I offer in my training at http://iphonevideohero.com

Glad to have you on, and that we’re finally able to get your company featured as part of the Reel Designer interview series! What are the best way for someone to get started with your company to see if your services are a fit?

Check out iPhone Video here!

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