Why Use Video as a Marketing Tool?

It trumps written advertisements. It destroys direct mail.

Video has been called the ‘Ultimate Marketing Tool’ by some experts. And should we wonder why? In its infant days in the Edison labs, video dazzled and mystified the age of the horse and buggy.

In our own age, people have grown from a state of awe to a dependency on video. Just as the car was once a novelty only to become an indispensable part of our modern world, so too has video. So why should a company use video as part of its marketing strategy?

There are many reasons. These are the most common:

Video is Cost Effective

Compared with traditional print advertising, video can actually prove more cost effective. Companies often make the mistake of dumping money into expensive magazine advertisements that are summarily ignored. Video, on the other hand, is almost impossible to ignore.

Being extremely versatile, video can be re-shaped into many different formats. Mobile kiosks, large screen presentations, smart phones and of course websites are just some of the ways to spread the word using this powerful medium.

And video can be produced for a reasonable price, and anyone can learn how to make a promotional video.

Video is Highly Desirable

Video is almost always chosen before a written document.

People simply enjoy video. While the written word is far from dead, video has done a fine job of putting a dent in its armour.

If someone visits a website and a video is offered, curiosity will often lead them to play it. And that means they have devoted their attention to a sales pitch. Marketers love using video because that’s what people want.

Why not please them?

Video is a Mature Medium

Video is not going anywhere.

It’s not a fad.

People have loved motion pictures since the late 1800s. Even though the medium has changed, the passion for video has not. In its very early days, video was considered by some high-browed critics to be beneath contempt. Now, video is an extremely mature art form.

And everyone respects online video. People love video, and they’re voting with their laptops.

YouTube sees on average 2 billion views—every day!

Video is Part of the Package

Promotional Video Screen Wall

Any advertising company worth its salt will offer a video package.

To ignore the option of video would be like ignoring the need for a website. And the competition never stands still. They’re considering their options, or perhaps already have a video up.

If your competition hasn’t jumped on the video bandwagon, why not show some industry leadership? Google’s search algorithms pay a great deal of attention to video.

It’s a great way to beat the competition.

Video Brings in Traffic

Time-lapse Photograph Traffic

Your website doesn’t have to be the only stop in your online transit system.

There are many ways to bring in the traffic. Make sure your video is “social bookmarking” friendly! Twitter, Del.icio.us, Facebook, Digg, reddit, Newsvine, Stumbleupon, Diigo and Squidoo are just some of the ways you can spread the word around. Social Media Marketing is the new rage.

While 92% of client marketers agree that it would be unwise to ignore social media, 63% do not have a social media strategy.

(Source: The B2B Barometer)

Don’t be on a losing team!

Video is one of the greatest ways to share your company with others. It is a medium that everyone uses and loves, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Advertising companies are scrambling to offer video to their clients and the demand is fierce.

By incorporating video into your campaign, you will not only stay ahead of your competition, but you may just see improvements in your bottom line.

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  • Exceedingly informative – bless you! I’m sure your trusty visitors could possibly want far more stories like this… carry on the great content! – Tim

    • Tim, thanks for chiming in and sharing! Will do – quite a slew of great interviews with experts coming up, as well as Reel Designer original articles on key topics!

  • Very revealing – I appreciate this information! Other marketers will no doubt want to keep getting more info like this – thanks!

    • John, glad you’re finding value in Reel Designer! Will keep the information flowing steadily – there’s a great line up interviews with experts chock full of incredible advice and experiences!

  • We have seen a huge jump in traffic for our clients’ site since we started a video marketing campaign through YouTube – it really DOES help with search placements!

  • OH man do I love video guys, thanks! I love that I don’t need to have gone to school for years like a graphic designer or proigrammer and I can still put together pretty decent videos that get the job done. It’s so cheap to do now too, anyone can buy a camera now. You got me all fired up thanks again guys!

  • Thanks Chris for sharing your knowledge and experience on the subject.

    I am in the process of doing a promotional video to market my new business and a magazine that my comapny will produce, but had to promote to my stakeholders without having to get on the plane to go meet them individually- so I have come up with a strategy to use video marketing and willl send a video link to them to launch my new business and explain the magazine to potentai advertisers. Your tips here are so useful! Thank you very much…


  • Ever heard of wideo.co? It is an excellent free tool to create motion graphics. You can upload your videos to youtube too!

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