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Online courses are the best way to learn how to produce and market videos.

Here’s why…

I’ve been really addicted to watching TED Talks on YouTube lately. It’s really great to be able to take a break from whatever I’m working on and get a little inspiration or a new perspective on something

Wayne Ford, Video Coach, Sociable Video Training
Wayne Ford, Video Coach

It’s like a snack for my brain whenever I have the time.

This got me thinking about how amazing of a learning tool the internet really is and that I don’t think most people utilize it as such extensively. Yes we often search for answers to quick questions we have via Google or do research on something we need to know for work.

But how many of us are regularly expanding our skill set using online methods?

Many of us complain about the current state of our job or our home business but what we don’t often realize is we have the ability to change the situation with a tool we have in our house.

Not to negate the need for higher education and yes, some knowledge can only be effectively obtained at a college or university. Sometimes thought we just need to learn a few new ‘tricks’ to shift our path to success.

One of my favorite TED Talks is a short one by Angela Lee Duckworth called “The key to success: Grit.” It’s about her finding that more so than any other human trait like education, communication skills etc. grit was the most important in becoming successful.

I think this is very important knowledge.

If you run a small business or a money making venture on the side it takes an extreme amount of daily grit to make it work.

Part of that grit should be continually learning new knowledge and fresh strategies that will improve your business.

Learning video marketing and production skills that will benefit your businesses bottom line is no exception.

Here are five more reasons why online courses are the way to go for learning video marketing and production.

1. Online Learning Cost Effective

There is no doubt that learning through online courses are more cost effective when compared to traditional classes. There are no infrastructural requirements and you can always shop around for the fee structure that works best for you.

Video Production Behind The Scenes

The quality of online classes varies greatly however, so be sure to do your research and find courses that have been produced by a verifiable expert and includes HD videos, downloadable ebooks or other supplemental material.

2. Online Learning Fits Your Schedule

Learning Video Editing

For most of us we need to be able to learn these video marketing and production skills while still remaining in our job or without compromising other commitments.

Early morning while eating breakfast or late at night, after the kids go to bed, might be the only time we have. Online courses are available whenever we need them and on our own time frame.

Some courses even offer audio versions to listen to on the way to work. Udemy also has great iPad and iPhone apps so you can watch on the go.

3. Online Courses are ‘Living Courses'

This is probably my favorite aspect of learning video marketing and production through online courses.

Learning Video with Udemy Courses
Learning Video with Wayne Ford, Lectures

Technology, equipment and best practices for online methods like SEO are constantly changing! Look for courses that have heavy involvement by the teacher and that will be added to and updated as needed. This way you will always remain current and won’t accidently take the time to learn something outdated.

The ability to ask clarifying questions to your teacher and have them responded to in a timely fashion is also very important. Usually courses available in some sort of members only platform (vs. download only) will allow for more interaction with the teacher.

4. There is No Fluff with Online Learning

How to Make Video, Examples

While not all online courses adhere to this rule, the good ones tend to be what I call bite-sized learning experiences. 3 to 6 minutes that allow you easily digest the strategy and move on or quickly re watch if you didn’t quite get it.

Unlike a lot of traditional learning methods you aren’t listening to 30 minutes of theory and reasons why it works before learning the actual skill. I’m not saying that’s not beneficial or interesting but when you are trying to build a business and just want to know what works so you can go implement it, it becomes unnecessary.

5. Real World Tested – Students' Experiences Speak for Themselves

5-Star Great Review, Online Video Training Course

What’s happening now (and is very exciting), is that current experts in the field of video marketing and production (as well as other fields) are teaching the strategies and best practices that they are currently using every day. These experts don’t have time to teach a traditional college class or at a business training school but they do have time to shoot an online training course you can benefit from!

Wayne Ford, Video Coach teaching Video ProductionThis means the knowledge in these courses (the good ones) is up to date and has been real world tested. The focus should be on actionable steps that you can go implement as you continue through the course.

Online training will boom in 2013 and onward.

Training sites likes Udemy.com and Lynda.com are growing rapidly as people discover that this is a highly effective and even fun method of learning.

Think of online courses for video production and marketing as your passport to a more successful business.

Use your ‘grit’ and learn how to create highly engaging videos that will gain traffic to your website and increase your sales.

Wayne Ford

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