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Poptent is announcing today the launch of it's new ‘Poptent Productions‘ arm, a full service video production unit. In our interview with Neil Perry, President of Poptent, we gain insight into how the company does what it does. With a network of 50,000+ videographers to tap into, this company must be doing something right, and in a big way! Read on to see what Mr. Perry shares about brands and online video ads:

It's great to have the chance to sit down and share Poptent's story! What does Poptent offer?
NEIL PERRY, POPTENT: Thanks for having us on! We’re a video production house that uses crowdsourcing, which in our case brings to-bear a social network of nearly 50,000 videographers and producers in 140 countries! Poptent produces thousands of commercial videos each year for our clients, which include numerous Fortune 500 brands and agencies.

Poptent's slogan is “The World Leader in Crowdsourced Video”. How does this address a real-world ‘pain' felt by businesses?
POPTENT: Crowdsourcing is a unique, modern era phenomena that takes typical in-house activities (which can be expensive) and outsources them to a crowd which delivers scores of great videos to choose, at incredibly low prices. It’s true pain relief for small and large businesses. Poptent has been around since 2007 and has become the world leader by virtue of our global reach as well as our client base.

Can you give us an example of a recent client success?
POPTENT: Dell wanted to create some lifestyle videos to showcase on their website … real people, doing real things where a Dell laptop was an integral part of their lives. Poptent reached out to thirty of our best creators and asked them to take the challenge and come up with four different lifestyle approaches for Dell to review. Dell looked them over, and selected a Seattle-based creator, Sam Akina, to produce the videos. Sam did four great spots which now appear on the Dell website and on YouTube. One of the videos was so good, Dell commissioned Sam to cut down his video to a 30-second spot which ran on all of the BCS Bowl games, as well as regular rotation during ESPN SportsCenter. It’s called the Musician.

What makes video advertising so attractive to consumers?
POPTENT: It’s not just one special ingredient, it’s a combo of sight, sound and motion. Since the first days of TV and movies, marketers quickly realized that sight, sound and motion sells products fast. It engages consumers with the product or service, lures them in, and motivates them to action.

What types of businesses can benefit from using video advertising?
POPTENT: It’s not just video advertising. It’s really video in general. Businesses should be communicating with their customers on their websites and elsewhere with video: messages from management; testimonials from satisfied customers; video instructions on how customers can set up that brand new surround-sound speaker system they just bought; entertaining product demonstrations; etc.

We all turn to video for commercial messages, but in today’s high speed, electronic era, video should be and now is quickly replacing the printed message in many of our important communications with customers.Video is here now, and here to stay.

Video marketing is gaining in popularity. What risks might a business be exposing themselves to if they avoid preparing for a video in their future?
POPTENT: I like the analogy of Kodak. Here was an iconic brand which owned the 35mm film category. They saw the trend to digital, but failed to act. Now they are in bankruptcy, and no longer are the leader they once were.

Businesses need to recognize that the videoization of their website and their messaging is critical to surviving in the new economy. We live in a multi-screen environment, and your customers are engaged with video, not text.

With online video, is there a method to track conversions?
POPTENT: Online video is eminently trackable all the way through an online purchase or action. Trackability is the promise of the Internet, and a promise that has been kept. The Poptent Audience Network routinely tracks consumer behavior and action, from an initial view to moving toward a purchasing decision.

How can a business measure the ROI of their video marketing campaign?
POPTENT: If the campaign is a conversion-based campaign, and trackable, it certainly can measure ROI. However, many marketers are using video for broader brand-building and awareness-building. These are more difficult to measure as they are often in concert with a television buy; a radio buy; print and social media activity. Separating out one from the other is incredibly difficult. However a recent Nielsen study indicated that having the video message on more than one screen simultaneously can significantly increases awareness and likeability.

With the newly released Poptent Productions, what solutions are additionally offered?
POPTENT: After a 6-month trial, we're proud to launch Poptent Productions. Poptent Productions allows marketers and agencies the opportunity to obtain videos for any consumer need in a remarkably short amount of time, from any geographic part of the U.S., or for that matter, from most of the globe. Our network of nearly 50,000 creators is or are everywhere, and we can vet the appropriate producer for any assignment quickly and easily to fill the needs of advertisers.

Many of our readers are of the DIY variety often because cameras and equipment are so inexpensive. What are some reasons you would recommend investing in the Poptent's solution rather than attempting a DIY production?
POPTENT: The Poptent Productions solution includes one very important and valuable component over a DIY approach, and that’s our Executive Producers. Poptent has hired three experienced, highly qualified executive producers who have overseen extensive production work for major brands and TV networks. These EP’s work side by side with our selected creators to insure that a brand will receive the quality video work they requested in each and every assignment. Additionally, if some of your DIY readers are interested in getting involved with Poptent, it’s a great opportunity for them to further their careers and potentially work with globally known brands and agencies along the way. They can learn more at, home to our creative community of videographers and producers.

What are the three ‘Poptent Solution' phases, and what happens in each?

POPTENT: Since 2007, we've honed our successful process which we label our ‘Poptent Solution':

  1. Strategic & Creative Brief Consultation. First, Poptent works with the brand or agency to ensure that the creative brief and strategic framework of an assignment is accurately conveyed and appropriately targeted for the crowdsourced creatives that Poptent has assembled.
  2. Assignment. Second, Poptent launches the assignment to the appropriate community or crowd of creators and communicates with the participants throughout the creation period to ensure that quality work is produced.
  3. Poptent Audience Network. Finally, once the creative is produced and ready to air, the Poptent Audience Network is brought into the picture to distribute the work through its extensive online video audience network.

The placements are optimized throughout to ensure that the brand’s message is efficiently and cost-effectively delivered to the intended audience.

Great information, glad we've been able to share with our audience! What's the best way for readers to learn more and to easily be able to learn more about Poptent?
POPTENT: It's been fun speaking with you! For information about our process and services, please visit for complete details. If you’re a creator looking to produce high quality videos for top clients, come on over to and check us out!

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