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We’re pleased to announce the latest Reel Designer expert interview series featuring video coach Wayne Ford of Sociable Video Training! Working as an Los Angeles video producer and director by day he has worked hard to take everything he’s learnt over the past near-decade and bundle it all into a incredible “learn how to make YouTube for Business” training system.

Over the next few weeks question and answers sessions, Wayne will be answering key problems that readers have asked about and presenting newbies with ideas of where to start with video, drawing from the near 5 hours of video, audio and the eBook that come with his course!

As you’ll plainly see, Wayne is the real deal, and knows how to explain the nuts and bolts of theory and production to business owners in easy to implement and understand methods. Let’s get to it!

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The Power of Online Video for Business
The Power of Online Video for Business

Welcome! It’s exciting to get a chance to get you on as a featured video marketing expert! If any of our readers haven’t already heard of you, please tell us, who you are and Sociable Video!
WAYNE FORD / SOCIABLE VIDEO TRAINING: Woohoo! I’m excited to be a part of this growing community of video marketers on Reel Designer. I’ve been working in the world of online video content production and promotion for almost 7 years now. First at Buzz Media (now Spin Media) and currently at Alloy Digital.

My day job is producing editorial and sponsored video content for our network of sites and YouTube channels – all video marketing, very ‘Reel Designer'!

Wayne Ford, Video Coach, Sociable Video Training
Wayne Ford, Video Coach

Sociable Video is my passionate project dedicated to helping small businesses, startups and other marketers become better at leveraging video content to grow their web traffic, build relationships with followers and sell more.

My flagship offering is my life's knowledge packaged together into a one-stop-results-driven online video and YouTube marketing training course!

I'm really proud of it.. looking at the big picture, it's 7 years of knowledge boiled down to the best stuff I can share!

My course, available now, is called the Sociable Video Training Course! It's basically a brain dump of everything I’ve learned in the past 7 years about what works in the world of digital marketing and how to apply these best practice strategies to your business.


” It’s time! I need to put everything I’ve learned into something other people can benefit from! “

– Wayne Ford, Video Coach, Sociable Video

Why Web Video Marketing is Vital
Screen shot from Sociable Video Training Course

Topics Covered in the Coming Weeks:

I pulled out all the stops to create this course, and I'm so pleased that it's making people's lives better, enough so that users are rating it well and leaving great reviews!

Video Lighting How To Training Creating Video Titles Examples and Coaching

It's so encouraging to see my students grow, and this fires me up to continue refining it and adding to the course!

Check back for the next part of our interview series with Wayne Ford!

Wayne Ford


  • This sounds exciting Mr. Ford! How confident are you that we will be able to absorb the vast knowledge and experience you have. Honestly I am a little intimidated while also being excited. I will be following you as you explain I am just curious if you are aware of the diversity of knowledge out here (I am quite a newbie). I am also curious if you can recommend any books to read while hearing what you have to say (in addition to taking your course I am sure!)

  • this man is a hollywood man. this is perfect i have been to L.A. and seen the types of movies they make there. this is perfect happy to have seen this thank you.

  • Hi Emily, Ashvin – Wayne is the “reel deal” for sure!

    I’ve sampled his course, and I assure you, he delivers in a very straight-forward and easy to understand manner. I’ve seen the rest of his upcoming interview, and it’s in-depth and highly beneficial.

    I can recommend his course – his professionalism and depth of understanding is easily evident. You can always pause the video course, and there’s an accompanying eBook and audio versions as well – perfect for all learning styles!

    Keep watching Reel Designer over the next few weeks, and be sure to chime in and ask Wayne any questions you have, I’m sure he’ll reply to everyone’s questions!

  • Emily & Ashvin,

    Thanks for your interest and comments! The course is very much designed and delivered in a way anybody can understand. I don’t get bogged down in confusing technical attributes and the strategies build up slowly over the course of the episodes.

    As Chris mentioned (thanks!) there is an ebook to follow along and you can always ask questions in the members area for clarification.

    I can’t think of any books off the top of my head (I think online courses are the way to go for this sort of knowledge) but as a starting point is a great resource, as well as this blog and

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