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The Most Important Elements Of An Engaging Corporate Video

Many companies today are striving to create engaging content for the public or for employees.

Corporate videos are used for everything from employee orientations and trainings to investor updates and product rollouts.

An engaging video can convert customers or establish the brand of the business.

Several elements are important when creating an engaging corporate video.

Scripting & Planning

Video Production Creative Brief

Scripting and planning is always necessary in order to create a high quality and engaging corporate video. Creating a script is important because it helps with timing and planning.

Businesses should consider what pre-production and post-production work is necessary. Scripts also help the video to remain focused on a single unified message without straying into unnecessary areas that distract or bore the viewers.


Always Consider the Audience

Know Your Audience

The audience should always be considered when scripting and filming a corporate video. Videos are more engaging and effective when the message is tailored to a specific audience. The audience could be employees in the company, customers or investors.

Creating a video for a single audience will allow the message to be conveyed clearly without excessive information that viewers will not understand or will not find relevant.


Speak To Individuals

Woman Engaging with Mobile Video on iPhone

Although a corporate video might be viewed by hundreds or thousands of people, each person will experience the content individually and not as part of a larger crowd.

An engaging video should attempt to connect to just one person. Speakers should not act as if they are addressing a room full of people.

This will help to create an emotional connection that maintains interest and makes the information presented more meaningful. Speaking to individuals also creates a sense of authenticity that is difficult to achieve in any other way.


Narrative and Storytelling

What's Your Story?

Engaging corporate videos use narrative and storytelling in order to maintain the attention of viewers. A collection of clips of random speakers does not create a narrative even if the speeches are similar. The video needs to tell a story through common language, graphics and even examples.

The narrative simply needs to create enough anticipation to keep the audience watching with interest. Good storytelling can even become compelling enough to cause a video to become viral online.


Extra Video Footage

Businessman in Suit Interview and Camera Lens

It is always a good idea to collect or film extra footage of related topics such as staff meetings, public events or parts of the office.

This is commonly called B-roll footage.

The extra footage becomes important during post-production editing. It can be used to illustrate points or to fill space during a transition. Still pictures are useful in a B-roll as well. Collecting B-roll footage will create a more visually interesting corporate video when the process is complete.


Avoid Monotony

Gangham Style

A high quality and engaging corporate video is never monotonous.

A monotonous video is one where a speaker is simply reading a script without speaking naturally to the viewer or varying what is on the screen in any way. Most modern cinematographers and directors will attempt to change something on the screen every 20 to 30 seconds so that viewers remain engaged.

Simple techniques like changing the viewing angle or cutting to B-roll footage will keep the video interesting and engaging.


Professional Production Assistance

Interview Video Production

People today expect a corporate video to have a certain level of quality. This means using a professional production company at some point.

Some businesses will use a corporate video production company from start to finish. Others use a company just for post-production work like editing, adding chyrons or clarifying the sound. Professional production companies can repair common errors and give the video a polished appearance.

Ryan Palmer is a marketing coordinator and a blogger from Brisbane, Australia. He mostly writes articles related to topics of career and business. You can follow him on Google+ for his updates and views.

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