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The Importance of Visual Marketing for Promoting your Brand

Research has shown that in a normal conversation, importance of words is 7 percent, voice tonality is 38 percent and of body language is 55 percent!

Even in a normal conversation, visual senses play a major part in conveying and receiving of message.

200x200_author_joanne_millerTherefore, when it comes to marketing online, the most powerful way to convey your message to the audience is by using photos, motion graphics and videos. Video traffic is gradually becoming a more significant part of internet traffic and experts believe that in coming few years 90 percent of web traffic will be in video format.

This is another reason, why you must incorporate visual marketing concepts into your marketing strategy to make it more appealing to people.

By Joanne Miller

Visual Marketing Concepts

Photos as Infographics

A picture is worth a thousand words, but when used in the right way they can create an impact like no other medium of communication.

The best way to enhance the effect of any photo is to add text to it. Therefore, using infographics is a great way to get the attention of users as it’s a combination of information and picture, in a way that complex information is conveyed clearly. You should know that the publishers who use infographics get 12% more traffic compared to those who don’t.

However, you must follow some guidelines while creating infographics and the most important one, is that all the facts or information you share through infographics must be properly verified as it would affect your brand’s reputation.

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Using Motion Graphics

Motion graphics, you can say is a middle-ground between photos and videos. You can also call them animated videos, graphic effect videos, etc. You should know that a general viewer spends 100% more time on a web pages that have video. There are many benefits of using motion graphics and the most prominent of those is that you get more creative freedom in making your videos. However, you need to make videos that are visually attractive, use appealing audio, and effective wording.

The margin for error in these types of videos is small, but you can create a great impact with motion graphics.

Using Promotional Video

Chance of viewers to purchase a product is 85% more after they have watched the product video. This shows that video is by far the most powerful medium of marketing in all kinds of platforms.

Hotel Promotional Videos

Therefore, when you are marketing your brand, you must use videos as one way of marketing.

For example this video advertises an upcoming event but at the same time is appealing and commends viewer attention.

Learning how to make a promotional video is an art, but you can make great marketing videos by following some guidelines like: try to be brief and make videos that are between three to four minutes in length, choose the right words, and always choose a theme for the video before creating it.

Promoting Your Content and Brand

Social Media

With the rise of social media several concepts of marketing had to go through transformation.

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The transition was so quick that several companies have still not been able to truly understand the potential of social media and undermine its effectiveness in order to reach their customers. However, some of the companies have utilised this transition seamlessly and are getting superb results.

  1. Pinterest: Referral traffic generated by Pinterest is more than the combined traffic generated by YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+. This information tells you the importance of sharing your infographics or photos with the users of this social media site. 21% of the people with Pinterest account have purchased some item after viewing information about it in this site.
  2. Facebook: One month after the Facebook timeline was introduced, it was seen that visual content like videos and photos, resulted in 65% growth in engagement with the brand. Nearly, all the major brands of the world are on Facebook and understand the importance of this social media platform.
  3. Twitter: Every minute twitter shares nearly 700 YouTube videos. Therefore, when you want to make your content go viral on internet, there is no better way than twitter.

Video Sharing Websites

Each minute more than 60 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube. This tells you that despite many other websites that offer video sharing facility, there is none that matches the popularity and reach of YouTube. Therefore, when it comes to sharing your video with your audience,

YouTube is the best platform. However, when posting videos on YouTube you must optimize it for search engines, keep them short, make high-quality videos, and choose the right title.

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Tips for Building Brand with Visual Content

If you lack the creative edge needed for creating an impressive visual content, then the tips given below would help you. Otherwise, you can always hire a graphic designer, and use the following information to get better results.

  • Consistency: Use the same logo and product photo in all the platforms you are posting your visual content. The colour scheme that you follow should also have consistency. Your business card and brochure, must also follow the same colour schemes.
  • Innovation: Become innovative when choosing the visual content you are choosing for marketing. Therefore, you should use video, photos, motion graphics, infographics, etc. Different types of users respond to different types of content.

Change Graphic

Therefore, try to reach as many people by diversifying your content.

  1. Regular Updates: Whenever there are any changes or updates in your product or logo, make it instantly on all the platforms where you are marketing your content. Always keep your followers informed about the transition that your brand is going through.
  2. Change Carefully: When you want to make major changes like the look of your website, or the design of your logo, you should make decisions carefully. You have spent plenty of time on creating an identity for your brand. Therefore, if you are changing the logo, try to keep the colour combination. This would make sure that your followers can relate to new changes.
  3. Be Attentive: It’s important that you should pay attention to the reactions that you are getting on your posted content. By analysing that you can realise the choice of your audience and create better content in future.

Visual information is 90% of the total information transmitted to the brain, and our brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text information!

The techniques and information given above about using visual marketing concepts for promoting a brand, would help you in conveying your message to the viewer in a quick glance and in easy to understand manner.

Best thing about visual marketing is that you don’t have to use many words, but your message reaches the viewers as it’s embedded in the content.

Joanne Miller is passionate about Public Relations and Branding. She believes that branding is successful when a company's WHY is more powerful than HOW. In other words, to make a brand trully visible, it is most important to make consumers aware WHY you do the thing you do. Proving that is in the essence of the project Joanne is working on right now.

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