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It's a fact! Conveying your message through video is an effective way of reaching out and touching viewers using online video. Video is a wonderfully useful way to breaking through barriers to connect.

Effective video marketing simplifies connection with the viewer. Many of the tried-and-true attributes of “classic” TV advertising are now affordable with inexpensive cameras available. Merge this with the newest feature of the Internet, social interactivity!

Quite simply, advertising online using the “opt-in” model (making the choice to press the play button) lets the viewer play a role in the buy in! It affords them ownership, and for those that click play, they're trading their time for the value they expect from your video! In these cases, videos aren't viewed as commercials, pushing to get viewer attention – rather, videos deliver valuable information.

Snapshot of Video E-Mail Marketing

Online video marketing in simple terms is a marketing technique used by business groups in presenting their products and/or services with the use of concise, captivating, and information-filled videos. The aims of such are to open the eyes of potential clients and to persuade them to buy the products and services the company is offering.

Benefits of Online Marketing

Undeniably, people at present are more inclined to view a screen (whether on television or on computers) than to read a work on paper n our busy world, all we have time for now are sound-bytes. Moreover, imparting information comes at a higher speed with the use of images than through text. Video shines in this arena – the perfect sales pitch sound byte are scripted, created one and repeatedly indefinitely.

The core benefit that online marketing holds over the conventional text format method is that videos convey the central idea quickly with less fluff without taking valuable time of potential clients. Web surfers do not waste so much time anymore in articles effort. Being concise is an art – let’s talk about later! To understand fully the idea that you are trying to communicate with them. Instead, you can hand over the same idea in just a few minutes and most importantly, in an eye-catching and alluring style. Be memorable, be entertaining, offer a reason for viewers to come back for more great valuable information!

The Best time to Use Video as Marketing Tool

When a business comes to a decision to push their products and/or services, videos present a great method as these enable the company to connect with prospective customers in an engaging, concise and socially aware way than the visual advertisements presented on televisions. With the knowledge that most turn to their small-screens to look for information, online is an easy and highly desirable platform to invest time and ‘consume’ recent, reliable and useful information.

Key Strengths of Video Advertising

The use of video in soft-sell or hard-sell methods is genuinely a great choice that a business of any size can easily jump on board with. Online video is far more desirable than most mediums for advertising – unlike television ads, we typically seek video content WE want to watch. It’s a buyers market. It grabs the attention of the internet user and transfers the idea that you want to convey an engaging and effective style when compared to plain text. If looking to compared two cars to decided which to buy, with the options of reading a text article or a video on the same topic, which one would you choose to view?

Online video allows for creative presentation while communicating the usability and importance of a product or service. Definitely, you can spark the minds of your potential clients when you transparently illustrate the value the consumer will receive. By utilizing these strategies, you can form a connection to your prospects since they have come to a deep understanding about what solutions you are offering them.

Some Ideas to Consider

If you want your video advertisement to be a success, you should not simply make a video, upload it in the Internet and then kick back, and wait. It's highly unlikely that people will simply happen upon your latest creation and send it on the road to viral-land. The journey to a flourishing outcome is akin to the approach of ad agencies looking to create a viral video campaign. Understand; your videos are the main fuel of value-seeking consumers – be that entertainment value, or searching for a ‘remedy’ to a ‘pain’. As such, it is important that you allot ample time in planning and creating your videos. Otherwise, the spark you have made online will just turn into embers medium and long run.

Work Smart, Not Hard

Be grateful, the development of technology at present gives you a lot of chances to check traffic and to scrutinize outcomes. Have enough time and exert much sweat to gauge the influence and performance that your videos have had on potential consumers. Look for applications that will let you know the number of potential clients who opened your website after seeing your video advertisement from another site, until what parts of the videos were viewed by the visitor before it was closed, the figure by which these visits were converted into profits, et cetera.

Work Smart – it’s a cliché for a reason! Regardless, if you have devoted time and sweat in making one or more videos, it does not give you an excuse not focus on coming up with ‘gold’ content! Leadership-value is still vital for your business to soar in the world of online marketing. Treat the user as a second-rate, and risk being black-listed in the mind of the viewer – they’ll never return, your opportunity to make a first impression is over. Provide web surfers adequate information about the site. Keep in mind that video marketing is intended to offer a solution (value), publicize your brand, to attract new traffic from other areas on the internet to your site, and most ultimately, to trade information for profit from clientele.

We advise you embed your video immediately on the first page of your website similar to the giving of business cards. Leave off autoplay turned off. Easy to play, and with a good tailed video worthy of your brand, it’ll be a good first impression. If you leave your video only on a page deeper on your site, it’s likely a much smaller portion of your web-traffic will actually view it, and so the return on investment (ROI) of that video will be lower than it could be!

Making Videos Favorable for Search Engines

  • Make your video not only favorable to search engines but as well as to content search engines. A brilliant tactic to apply is the usage of meta tags for the text content of the website where your videos can be viewed.
  • Create significant titles to your videos – think like a News Paper editor – shortest title retaining the best bang for the buck.
  • In the headings and accounts of your videos, use important keywords. It will be less difficult for search engines to mark your video files and connect it to your websites.
  • If you have connected your videos from other areas of your website, then use anchor texts.
  • Create a concise one. Turn a normal person’s 10-minute reading of a paper or text page to a 2-minute viewing of your video.
  • Produce detached video site maps that can be uploaded to video and content search engines.
  • Do not forget to place RSS feeds. Metadata can be included also.
  • Examine, calculate, and analyze. Test. Rinse and repeat. Continually tweak the above variables!

Distribution of Video

  • Make your video Social Sharing friendly! Remember to include suggestions such as “Share on Facebook” or “Retweet on Twitter” at the bottom part of your video., Facebook, Twitter and Google+ all have easy sharing options as well.
  • The important ingredient of a profitable video marketing online is “submitting”. The most excellent options are video hosting sites such as YouTube, Blip.TV, or Podcasting since your videos can be posted without any payment and these do not decrease your site’s bandwidth.
  • Share your videos effectively. Permit web surfers to connect to your videos if you really want to make your company recognizable by many. The usage of viral marketing videos is the finest means to make your company, as well as your products and/or services, popular in the world of online marketing.


Internet marketing videos have to be concise so that internet users will not lose their interest in viewing your site. Remember: if a video is undesirable, it will be ignored which isn’t great for the ROI! Online video advertisements should be substantially brief compared to those commercials on television. Consequently, potential consumers in the internet do not want to squander their time fruitlessly on less enticing advertisements – make your video enjoyable, and a good use of your viewer’s time!

Shera Murano


  • The ‘title tag’ or naming your video appropriately is so important, isn’t it Shera! I often see finalized videos on YouTube where the client didn’t have a distribution strategy or assistance, and simply uploaded the video with it’s final file name. For example, instead of a video being titled something like “Incredible False Creek Condo Tour, 2103-120 Milross, Vancouver” the video’s title is “h264_2103_120_milross_final_02.mp4” – hardly enticing, or click worthy, and no search engine optimization!

    The strategy is worth the time!

  • Hey guys, We are building products around YouTube video marketing & analytics. Would be great if you can try it out and give some valuable feedback . Our first tool is Vidoomail that lets you send YouTube videos in email. Check out @

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