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Dutch Director & Producer Robert Roosentein has worked with many big name clients, Nike, Skoda and most recently Philips, to name but a mere few. Watch his latest ad and read what he has to share about the present and future of marketing with film and video…

Great to have on another director doing big agency work on again! Where do you live and what do you do professionally?
ROBERT ROOSENSTEIN: I live in Amsterdam with my wife Monique and our three lovely children Julie (5), Sue Ann (3) and Philippe (1).
I have been producing TV commercials for the national and international market for some 20 years now – working both for production companies as for agencies. Three years ago I started my own business – www.roosenstein.com – offering my experience as a producer to both production companies and directors as to agencies and creatives.

What are some big accounts you've worked on, and with which agencies have you worked?
ROBERT ROOSENSTEIN: Just finished the shoot of for new commercial for a beer called Grolsch; other accounts Ive been working for include different Unilever brands, Hyundai, PHILIPS, Delta Lloyd, Skoda, the Dutch government, the city of Amsterdam, Ahold, NIKE, Dance 4 Life, Bounty, NOKIA etc. I did that working for all the big international network agencies in Holland like JWT, TBWA (Tribal) DDB, Ogilvy, Y&R, Euro RSCG, Publicis etc.

How did you get your start in commercial advertising? What caught your eye in the video, film & television field?
ROBERT ROOSENSTEIN: During my studies I started a company that did location management for feature films, TV series and television commercials. That made me curious in the overall skills of film producing especially TV commercials. Internationally acclaimed director Will van der Vlugt gave me the opportunity of learning the trade. Since then I worked for different companies and agencies giving me the chance of working with a variety of directors and creative directors. I have always loved film as a medium – my father first took me to the movies when I was 6 and has continued doing so ever since. I love the dynamic of producing commercials – visualizing a creative idea with a selection of the most talented people in the business,

What is it about good video advertising – note ‘good' as a keyword – that makes the video medium so appealing and effective for consumers?
ROBERT ROOSENSTEIN: The power of the visual language needed to tell a strong story in 30/40.

What is your current favourite ad right now, and why?
ROBERT ROOSENSTEIN: This project, titled “Make Me a Morning Person Sleepy” (watch below):

Because we made it with the Tribal DDB team in a very limited amount of time with an ambitious budget with a fantastic result. It is a fun, ‘reel' film using different types of content – such as animation, different types of camera footage, sound design etc. Also I feel in that fun and surprising way it clearly states the advantages of using the product.

What part of the production process is most commonly under-estimated by clients less familiar with commercial video production? Why do they often overlook this component – what makes it important?
ROBERT ROOSENSTEIN: In general I would say time for execution – sometimes leaving too little time at the end of the creative process to properly and in detail visualize a great idea. For instance sometimes it is very important to after the first few days of editing the film you need to let is rest for an extra day. To sleep over it – give it some time and see if you can come up with an even better way of telling the story.

[embedit snippet=”ad2″]With inexpensive technology available now, we're seeing more DIY (Do It Yourself) productions than ever before. If the cameras and editing equipment are comparable now, what value does hiring a professional ad agency and production team continue to offer over DIY?
ROBERT ROOSENSTEIN: I'm sure some ideas you can easily execute yourself. On the other hand I feel that can only work with a one time success, a one time strong idea. If you want your brand to have a solid base and continuity in telling the story of your product on the long run I'm sure that as a company you need the focus, talent and experience of professionals.

You are working on the cutting edge of big-time video marketing, creating and seeing upcoming trends months before the rest of the world! Any predictions for where video marketing is headed in the near future?
ROBERT ROOSENSTEIN: The quality of the equipment for digital filming, editing etc. will continue to improve. Leading to a an even more fragmented and specialized market. Also leading to more opportunities for companies to select their suppliers. At first we run the risk that this development might lead to the loss of knowledge and experience – if the market for video marketing gets too efficient (as in money and time) driven instead of quality driven. In the near future however the quality of the work will become important again for the marketing divisions of the large brands leading to a new productive period of fantastic work.

We live in an exciting time Robert – thank you for taking time to share your story! Where can readers learn more about you and see your work?
ROBERT ROOSENSTEIN: Thank you for the opportunity too! Please visit my site: www.roosenstein.com

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