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Create a Winning Video Marketing Strategy through Rule Breaking!

Neil Davidson shares examples of how to create a winning video marketing strategy through… Rule Breaking! Touching on two examples using Dyson and Zappos, Davidson illustrates how NOT playing it safe can really pay off!

The Internet is awash with video content. Most markets are over-crowded or at least feel that way. It is difficult for a business to be heard amongst all this noise; viewers become deaf due to overload and if you want to be remembered you need to break from convention and shake things up.

Knowing that 6 billion online videos are watched by UK internet users every month should be enough to encourage any sensible business to embark on the road of video marketing. You really do have to be in it to win it, but it is only worth doing if you are committed to doing it properly. A strategy which includes a focus on outcomes and ways of measuring success is essential.

Inject Rebellion into your Video Marketing

‘Rebellion’ is one of the ‘7 fascination triggers’ that Sally Hogshead has defined. The theory is that the 7 triggers are part of a predictable system that can be manipulated in an audience in order to elicit a particular response.

So, how does the rebellion trigger work?

People don’t like things to be the same all of the time. They get bored. They also like to do things that they aren’t supposed to do. By being aware of this facet of human nature, you can use it to provoke a particular response from your target audience.

To inject rebellion into your video marketing strategy, you need to break some rules. Examples of businesses who have used the rebellion trigger effectively include Apple, Dyson, and Zappos. They all have in common the fact that they invented creative solutions that depart from the norm and change the game in the market.

Dyson was innovative by bringing the bagless vacuum to a market that was solely focused on price. They managed to set themselves up as the superior vacuum cleaner to the extent that there is now a huge element of prestige in buying a Dyson.

Zappos’ relationship marketing strategy has resulted in 75% of their customer base being repeat buyers. At one point, Zappos offered special return shipping assistance. This was was not in their policy and they were therefore not obliged to do it; positive word of mouth endorsements spread quickly across the Internet as a result.

Apple have changed the game repeatedly; the iPod, the iPhone, iTunes, to name but a few. iTunes is a great example of how Apple proved the market wrong. They showed that people are willing to pay for music online, as long as the price is right and the software is usable.

Don't Lose Trust in the Process

Rebellion can shatter trust. If you are developing a strategy based on rule breaking, keep in mind those customers who are happy with what they know and who might be uncomfortable with change. You need to keep hold of their trust by keeping your deliverables consistent; your message may have changed but ensure that you do what you said you would, when you said you would do it.

Using Rebellion as a Small Business

Using rebellion as a tactic can be the way to launch a small business to the next level. The key is to pick on one established norm, and do the complete opposite. By keeping it simple, and focusing on one thing that you can change effectively, you will put yourself in a position to compete at some level with the bigger players in your industry!

Ask me any questions you have below in the comments now!

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  • Living on the edge – I like it. Pushing those boundaries and getting creative, nice work Neil! I checked out your site too – what a great way to represent a brand – your WHOLE body on a site!

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