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Career Minded? Some Rewarding Alternative Job Suggestions for Aspiring Student Videographers

Recent college graduates, who earned a degree in videography or design may find the recent job market disappointing. Disappointing perhaps, but a fact, nonetheless. A fact which we feel we need to share for students looking at the field of video production.

The United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics shows a decline in videography job openings, partially due to technology and automatic camera operating systems. A similar trend is also occurring among marketers. This outlook, though, should not prevent graduates from considering alternative careers that provide the potential to utilize their degree. Even though you'd imagine that as a video-centric publication we'd have a bias, but, Tthe hard facts should be considered, we believe. It is all about getting started and gaining some experience to secure a fruitful future.

So, if you're a student videographer or designer seeking an eventual career, you may wish to consider these alternative job ideas instead. These other career options offer creativity and mastery, and may be just as rewarding as video production!

1. Culinary Schools

Food on Grill, Chef

Many culinary schools across the U.S. and the world use videos to train their students, as well as for advertising their materials. Videographers are key in filming the various ingredients and techniques that a chef uses as he or she is cooking. Places like The Culinary Institute of America distribute videos on kitchen cooking basics, gluten-free baking, and cooking methods for purchase.

2. Magazine Industry

Despite the influx of online material, printed publications still demand designers for creative layouts. Designers can utilize their knowledge in artwork and layout expertise to secure a job in this field.

3. Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations usually need someone in the field to film the subject of their cause to garner support. A videographer can offer ideas to put together a compelling piece that can strike a balance between sentimentality and generating revenue for the organization.

4. Advertising

Companies rely on videographers and designers to promote the goals of their company. To create layouts and videos that highlight a service or product, these companies may hire individuals to help in the process. Businesses like LifeLock utilize testimonials on their website so that consumers can get a first-hand look at the type of security and protection they offer. A videographer will help provide the best lighting, sound, and picture to assist in promoting the service.

5. Physical Therapy

Physical therapists work with various tools to help their patients with mobility and rehab. In certain instances, conventional methods may not work and therapists may opt to film the correct way to move and maneuver a particular exercise. By looking at a video, patients may visualize what they need to do, thus creating a greater chance of achieving their overall goal. Companies like Alexander Street routinely use rehabilitation videos to help with therapeutic exercises, as well as basic movements.

6. Sports Industry

A videographer can help an athlete fine-tune a particular technique, like a runner's stride or a swimmer's stroke. They can also film sporting events. Companies like All Sports Media shoot, edit and produce sport-related video content. In addition, graphic designers can supplement the information online or in print by adding layouts that help focus on the right kind of marketing.

7. Marketing

More and more companies are hiring their own in-house videographers to film meetings and presentations, and to help with strategy building among employees. Why not?!

8. Legal Sector

Legal Team

Prior to trial, attorneys may want to see how a particular witness comes across on the stand. By videotaping the witness's answer, an attorney may want to gauge hand gestures, expressions, and the cadence of speech. Videographers and camera operators can be employed to get professional-quality videos to help with a client's case. A designer can also help a legal team put together exhibits, trial prep, and assemble notebooks together with a specialized approach.

Building experience may require videographers and designers to pursue alternative career options in their field. By thinking out-of-the-box, recent graduates can quickly gain experience to land their dream job.

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