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6 Offline Marketing Methods In Addition to Online Video Marketing

A decade ago the term “video marketing” would have pertained to video advertisements that one would watch on the television. Now the very first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about video marketing is online videos, especially YouTube.

Individuals, small and large organizations have exploited the power of YouTube to grow their customers and audiences.

Marketing Strategy
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Video is a great medium to market your product of service.

However, more than 30% of the population even in first world nations are exposed to print media like newspapers and magazines on a day-to-day basis. Companies could create videos not only to upload them online. They could be used for television ads, to be showed in event stalls along slide pull up banners, or they could be used to explain about your service or product when you are meeting a prospect. So you have a good online presence with your website and videos and you are promoting your service or product with e-mail marketing and social media marketing.

It is all good, but you shouldn’t forget offline marketing methodologies and start promoting your business with flyers, pull up banners, broachers, and other kind digital print material.

Why is Print Important?

Online Marketing Strategy with Reel Designer

A lot of people still take traditional advertisements more seriously when compared to online ads. Focus only on online marketing and video marketing and you will lose a lot of potential customers who could be interested in your product or service.

It has been observed that people are more likely to subscribe to a service or buy a product if they receive a flyer/broacher/catalogue from the seller. A recent study shows that, more than 20% of the online searches for products or services are driven by brand awareness and print advertisements. Thus print media could not only help you reach out your potential customers, it can also help you become an authority in your market and also help drive more targeted traffic to your website.

We have listed below some offline marketing strategies that still work.

Newspaper Advertisement

It is fine if you can’t afford to advertise in a national daily like “The Australian.” You can target a specific geographical location. If you happen to live in Sydney you can start advertising in local newspapers like the Bankstown-Canterbury Torch, Hawkesbury Courier, etc., to attract customers who are near you and who can get in touch with you easily and still keep the advertising costs low.

Word of Mouth

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Word of mouth is free and is still one of the best offline marketing methods. You don’t have to stand on a soup-box around the corner and start shouting about your service or product. Others will help you for free. Provide an excellent service to your existing clients/customers and they will be grateful to you and refer their friends and family to you.

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(Legal) Bribery Works

If you are having a stall in an exhibition, give away free stuff to people that will be useful to people other than flyers and broachers. Rather than giving away use and throw pens, you can give away something like, business card holder, notepad, letter opener, tote bag, etc., with your brand/message. Just make sure that your brand or message doesn’t look very salesy or obscene and looks nice. A competent digital printing company who are also good in making customized merchandises could help you with creating exceptional and cost-effective giveaways.

Assist other Businesses

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It is highly likely that some of your friends would have also shunned their 9 to 5 and arrived at the deplorable decision of starting a business like you. Running a business is tough, the hardest part is finding customers. If one of your friends run a restaurant, you can ask him/her to print your website’s URL in napkin or tissues and you can help him/her by advertising about the venue on your website. You guys can even offer promotional coupons to each other’s customers.

Set up an Event Booth

You don’t really want to miss out on fairs. Present you products and services to your prospects. You can make your presence unique and standout from the other stalls, by creating wonderful printed material, like broachers, pull up banners, and flyers. Always find a good digital printing company in the town where the event is held. If you are from South Australia and wish to set up a stall in an event in Sydney, it is wise on your part to hire a digital printing service in Sydney to print all your material and to be delivered to the venue rather than carrying the things all the way.

Radio Advertising

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A lot of people still listen to radio, especially when they are driving. Advertising in a local radio station is not as expensive as broadcasting a video on a television channel. If you can’t afford it, find the likes of the DJ on a particular station. For instance, if he had mentioned that that he likes Lasagna, have it sent to him as appreciation for his entertainment.

Also mention your name and your business name. Your name and your business will likely be mentioned on air!

Enjoy the process!

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  • Trade shows is an offline marketing channel that a lot of newer businesses leave out. The reason is the cost. One exhibition stand will cost a few thousand bucks.

    However if your business deals are in the thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars range then a trade show is something they should consider because the majority of trade show attendees are decision makers and these are the people who are making the big decision on whether that thousand dollar purchase is worth it.

    • Thanks for your input Selbys – I’m sure a good cost vs. benefit analysis will sort out if a business will get a good return on their investment at a Trade Show.

      I bet a trade-show makes sense for a great deal of businesses that haven’t investigated doing it yet, and couple together with that, a good promotional video, marketing material and a great sales staff and you’ve likely got a winner on your hands.

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