5 Reasons Quality Production is Vital

The business world is a jungle. It’s a noisy place where companies shrivel without a whisper.  Companies rarely have the edge in the jungle and mere survival is a way of life.

But some businesses escape.  They cut through the vines and dodge the tigers. That’s because they do something many talk about but few realize.  It’s called video marketing

Companies too often make the mistake of producing videos on the fly.  They’ll do it with a webcam or find some novice film maker who doesn’t know anything about business.  The videos look cheap and don’t hit the right points.

Your customer is a lot more savvy than that.

‘Quality’ is the key word in video marketing.  With a great team that knows about business and how to make excellent video, you’ll receive a quality product that resonates with your customer.

This is your moment to shine, so do it with class.  After all, you only get one first impression.

Below are five quality check-points that you must do to raise your company from the jungle to civilization.

Creative Brief

The first rule of quality is to understand who you are.  It’s dark in the jungle, so the good video marketer will shine a light on your company.  What is your message?  Who is your target audience?  The idea is to reach down into the soul of your company and find out what it’s all about.  You want the video to be genuine so it resonates with your customer.  A good creative brief is the first step.  Only work with a company that offers one.


With creative brief in hand, the shaman is put to work.  It’s script time.  There are many questions at this stage. How should the script engage? Should it be funny?  Instructive?  Sophisticated?  It’s important that your company’s message and values are reflected in the writing.  A good script will go through numerous revisions to capture this.


Even the toughest marketer needs friends, and the smartest form a tribe. A ‘tribe’ is a group of experienced people who bring their unique talents to the table.  The most experienced people are worth a village.  The camera operator is worth two.  Just like the chieftain, he knows the lay of the land.  Make-up and Costumes are the artisans.  Warriors work the lights.  Make sure the company you choose can provide a roster of experienced tribesmen.


A good camera, fast lenses and inspiring locations are all part of the professional package. It’s important to compare portfolios and resumes when choosing a production company.   Make sure the one you choose has a well respected web presence.  It’s not enough simply to point and shoot.  You want National Geographic.


[embedit snippet=”ad2″] It’s a dangerous truth for the video marketer that predators are heard before they’re seen.  Most don’t prick their ears till it’s too late.  A poorly mixed audio track has caused the death of many an otherwise fantastic video.  Some marketers even refuse themselves a good score for the video’s funeral!  Sound can make all the difference, and no expense should be spared to have the best.

Quality is the most important consideration in video marketing.  It’s the driving force that will separate you from the rabble.  If the quality is poor, it will reflect badly on your company.  But if it’s high, you will find trusting customers everywhere.

Find your way out of the jungle and into a world of opportunity.  Add a high quality video to your website today! Next, here are top tips by professional audio technician Eric Lamontagne!

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  • Which “genre” of script is the most effective? I know that humorous scripts are popular, but do they really work?

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