Top Video Content Trends in 2016

The Top Video Content Trends

Our favorite stock imagery site has come through for us again. Featuring over a staggering 70 million examples of royalty free 4K video clips as well as large still images and illustrations, Shutterstock has brought us telling infographic about creative media trends.

As you scroll down through, keep in mind that the search results are real, by real people. The data displayed accurately projects real trends as they’re occurring.

2016 Video Trends

Shutterstock’s customers are people like you; marketers, designers, art directors, filmmakers, advertisers, bloggers, media organizations and businesses. As such, the imagery and video clips these professionals seek are a reflection of current trends and trends to come in the advertising, film, and media industries.

Using actual data assembled from real user searches this list uses entirely tangible information for markers in creative or design. Thanks to Robyn Lange for assembling this report, and Flo Lau for the infographic itself.

Video Trends

2016 Video Trends

The classical elements of fire, water, air and earth emerged as the biggest video trends. Nature – immerse yourself in the power of great outdoors.

Social Trends

2016 Social Trends

Images worth sharing. These aspects can be found in both stills and video.

Design Trends

2016 Design Trends

Mix the old with the new in 2016. Material Design (a user interface designed by Google) brings a sensory feel to digital design. The UX style quickly been adopted by creatives around the world.

Contemporary trends

2016 Cultural Trends

An interesting development – two complimentary trends have appeared, the option to disconnect and go wireless, and the desire to jack-in. Think wireless smart-watches, smart-cars, smart-homes as well as wireless charging. We’ve broken it down to the two categories below, ‘Always Connected’ and ‘Unplugged’:

  • Unplugged:
    • Wanderlust +197%
    • Wellness +169%
    • Mindfulness +109%
    • Fitness +106%
    • Adult Coloring Books +48%


As we are specifically about video and marketing at Reel Designer, we’ve only used the relevant portions of the infographic above. If you wish to see even more, visit to view the full interactive report, or click here to explore curated collections based on some of the creative world’s top trends.

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